Our water management has certainly been well-documented, both at Pomona College and within the Claremont community.

For the facts and figures, public resources and documents were indispensable. But numbers won’t tell the whole story.

To understand the history, importance, and politics of water within the community I found the best resources to be students and professors of the 5C’s, as well Claremont residents themselves.

Marilee Scaff, long-time activist and leader within the League of Women’s Voters, pours over town maps in her Pilgrim Place apartment.

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Professor Richard C. Haskell, of Harvey Mudd College, explains some of the many objects in the Jacobs Science Center basement, where he keeps his water records. In addition to teaching physics at Harvey Mudd, Haskell also chairs the Water Action Group of Sustainable Claremont, and has worked for the last few years to develop a water reclamation system at the colleges.


img091Ron Watling and Kevin Quanstrom, the assistant director of grounds, stand by the Giboney well, at Athearn field.